Milagro Cross is inspired by the Cruz del Lago located at Amistad Lake in Del Rio, Texas on Chuy’s Island built by Jesus Maria Ramon Valdes. This cross was built by a father in gratitude of a miracle that saved his sons. We dedicate this cross to all miracles. This piece is available in 3 sizes

Small Height 1.3cm Weight 6mm

Medium Height 1.5cm Weight 8mm

Large Height 2cm Weight 1.5cm


Each JMR piece is handcrafted making no two pieces the same, irregularities reflect that each JMR piece is unique and artisanally created. No two finishes will ever start or stay the same and each will evolve with daily wear.


18k gold please contact o +5218771165935.



  • Comes in 24k Gold Plated Brass, 925 Silver or 18k Gold
  • Handcrafted in Acuña, Coah. Mexico



 Milagro Necklace caracterizado por  ser un collar  con un detalle  en forma de cruz  grande    dando  un significado especial fue inspirado en Monumento de cruz milagro como simbolo de FE  ,  por su dije y su cadena ancha son detalles  hacen a esta pieza unica y especial . Esta pieza esta disponible en 3 medidas 

Small Altura1.3cm Ancho 6mm

Medium Altura1.5cm Ancho 8mm

Large Altura 2cm Ancho1.5cm


oro del 18k favor de contactar o +5218771165935.