The Suerte Thin Cuff's design is based off of one of the many daily inspirations we have at the J For JMR workshop located at Rancho La Espiga, a ranch in Northern Mexico. The Suerte Thin Cuff features a bronze wire cuff with our signature hammered finish with horse detailing.


Each JMR piece is handcrafted making no two pieces the same, irregularities reflect that each JMR piece is unique and artisanally created. No two finishes will ever start or stay the same and each will evolve with daily wear.


18k gold please o +5218771165935.



  • Comes in Bronze, 925 Silver or 18k Gold
  • Handcrafted in Acuña, Coah. Mexico



Nuestro Suerte Thin Cuff  basada en mucha de las inspiraciones diarias de JMR caracterizada por su textura martillada ademas en su borde diseño unico de herradura chica .


oro del 18k favor de contactar o +5218771165935.


Todas y cada una de las piezas de JMR son unicas. No hay una pieza igual que otra y es por eso que JMR se caracteriza por hacer piezas unicas y de calidad. Uso diario puede influenciar el estado de la pieza.



  • Disponible en Bronce, Plata o Oro de 18k
  • Elaborado a mano en Acuña, Coah. Mexico


$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Every J FOR JMR product is sealed with protective coating, which prevents your piece from tarnishing and inhibits the oxidation reaction with your skin oils. Certain care should be taken to maintain the quality of your J FOR JMR piece.


    1. Do not expose your jewelry to water or when using chemicals.

    2. Precaution should be taken when using jewelry when participating in physical activity.

    3. Please be aware that excessive exposure to heat, high PH levels, and cosmetics may also impact composure of J FOR JMR piece.